Bridge is a great way to keep the brain active and alert, and a great way to build social connections. 


The Game of Bridge
Learning the Basics & More

In this workbook style guide Gerry Thomas & Irene Campbell follow the 80-20 Rule:  They teach the key 20% of the basics that give players the ability to play 80% or more of the hands.  It covers fundamentals of the Game and gives new and existing players a good balance of the depth and breadth of bridge knowledge.   "We take pride in teaching players the logic that allows them to make important evaluations of the various hands that are encountered during bidding and playing".    

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These handy carry along 4x6 size cue-card Flashcard Booklets are favorites of Bridge Students & those players new to the Game. Cue-card summaries contain bids and responses that are taught in our Bridge Basics and Basic Conventions of Bridge Classes with each topic on a single 4x6 page.

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Book - $24.95
Flashcard Booklet - $5.00 (each

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enhance Irene & Gerry's teaching and make it easy to understand and remember important points

"Dancing Trump Pig"   A visual aid that helps beginners remember on of the first methods they learn to employ when playing a bridge hand.

"Grey-zone"  Your point count puts you into a zone where you are uncertain as to whether your Partnership should proceed to Game and you need to communicate this to your Partner

"Platinum-Fit"  A term coined by Gerry to emphasis the increased value of a 9 card fit between Partners.  "If you know an 8 card fit, termed a Golden Fit is good and gives your team and advantage, then holding a 9 card "Platinum-Fit" is even better and increases the value of your hand"

Park City Bridge
Two of the most popular classes...   

Bridge Basics

Learn bridge in a fun and supportive social environment. Get started now on a lifetime hobby.  This is an 8 week class teaching the fundamentals of playing bridge. Designed for beginners and previous players who want to “modernize” their bidding and play. This class teaches insightful point evaluation, logical bidding and intuitive card play for No Trump, 5-card majors, and “better” minors.   Learn the fundamentals of bidding and play-of-the-hand, elements of card evaluation, offensive and defensive card play. Includes preempts and basic conventions. This class focuses on the broadening of knowledge, nuances and protocols to make playing bridge more relaxing and enjoyable. 

Group Lessons:  $100 per student for 8 Lessons includes Flashcard Booklet 


Basic Conventions of Bridge

Expand your bridge “tool kit” with a better understanding of the popular conventions: Stayman, Transfers, Two-Clubs bids and others. Gain insights on defensive techniques and opening leads. This is a follow-on to the Bridge Basics series.  Designed for those who have played consistently for more than a year and want to go to the next level of competitive play. 

Group Lessons:  $100 per student for 4 Lessons includes Flashcard Booklet

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Private Bridge Lessons

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