First Night Fun


1.  Is there a Fee to Play?

A Founding membership can be purchased until June 30, 2012 for $10.00 per person.  This allows social bridge play for no further charge through June 30, 2012.   The fee for those without a membership is $2.00 per night.


2.  How can I purchase a membership?

Memberships are available each night of play, or you may send a check for $10.00 per person to Park City Bridge c/o Judy Hanley, PO Box 6,

Park City, UT 84060.  Please include your name, email address and phone number.


3.  What will be done with the monies from membership and weekly fees that are collected?

We will purchase necessary supplies such as cards, bidding boxes, tables and other necessary supplies.


4.  How early can I arrive?

Doors open at 6:50pm.  Play will be from 7-9pm.

5.  Will you offer duplicate bridge?

At this time we are playing social bridge only.  

    I do not have a bridge Partner; will you arrange a Partner for me?

We encourage you to arrive early to meet another single of similar playing ability


7.   What if too many people show up to play?

We would like to accommodate all who arrive to be able to play.   We hope the members’ hospitality will result in rotation in of extra players after every 4 hands.  Thus everyone gets to play some each night.  


8.   Can I phone to book ahead of time?

No, being on time is the best way to join in on the play. 


9.  How will you deal with persons who are tardy?

Be sure to arrive on time to ensure the opportunity to play, our priority will be first come first to play. 


10.  How do we score?

Chicago scoring is used.  We have a scoring handout for all who are unfamiliar with this approach.  See Chicago Scoring Overview 

11.  Are there other nights when we can play in addition to Wednesday?

Not at this time.


12.  I don’t like bidding boxes.  Do I have to use them?

Yes, bidding boxes will be used in order to reduce noise.  We will assist you in learning how to use them.


13.  Can we bring food or drinks including wine?

Food is not allowed.  The only beverage allowed is water.


14.  Will you offer lessons?

We encourage beginners to take bridge lessons through Park City Bridge.   Please see the Education Page of this web site for further information.


15.  Will there be a membership list available for distribution?

No, not at this time


16.  Will there be a bridge monitor?

Yes, a monitor will be present each week to coordinate play rotation and to enforce our Zero Tolerance Policy.


17.   What is a Zero Tolerance Policy (ZT Polidy)?

We ask all members to sign this ZT Policy to agree to a high level of proper conduct to ensure a positive bridge experience at our Club.  View Zero Tolerance Policy 

18.   I want to learn to play bridge.  Can I come to the Club?

Yes, you are welcome to come and observe.   In order to join in on the play we encourage you to take lessons (see our Education page) that will prepare you to become part of our group.


19.   Are you going to raise funds by using Corporate Sponsorships?

Yes, we want to encourage those companies to assist us.   In return we plan to promote the use of their services by our membership.


20.  Do you have to have an ACBL number to play in the duplicate group?

No, you do not need an ACBL number to play with our club.  However if you wish to get ACBL Masterpoints you will need to sign up for an ACBL membership.   Visit for more information.


21.   Is your club sanctioned by ACBL?


THANK YOU!  Park City Bridge Club thanks all the Volunteers who have stepped forward to help put the Park City Bridge Club in place and continue to work to make the Club successful.  Sign-up sheets are available each Wednesday evening at the Bridge Sessions or contact Jane Peterson at if you are interested in volunteering.
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Bridge Club Questions & Answers
Please send any questions or comments regarding the Bridge Club to the Organizational Committee at 
With the startup of the new nonprofit Park City Bridge Club for Park City Residents & Visitors, there are many questions that players have asked.   The Organizational Committee comprising of a group of Volunteers will continue to update this Q&A page to keep all informed of the frequently asked questions & answers.
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