Gerry Thomas & Irene Campbell started Park City Bridge and established this domain & website in 2005.   In June 2011 with the startup of a nonprofit Park City Bridge Club they volunteered this site to support the club by posting website information and updates for the Organizational Committee for the Park City Bridge Club. 

Park City Bridge

Gerry Thomas & Irene Campbell - Bridge Instructors

ACBL Certified Bridge Instructors and Bridge Directors & American Bridge Teachers Association Members.  Employ a computerized animated method of teaching and patient mentoring of beginning bridge players that has gained them accolades and referrals from students.

Before retiring from the business world, Gerry and Irene had careers mentoring business executives and entrepreneurs to help them focus on key elements of business success.  It was a natural move to get involved in teaching bridge.  This husband and wife team attribute their bridge teaching success to the combination of their two personalities and unique strengths. 


Gerry and Irene retired from the San Francisco area and moved to Park City, Utah in 2001.   Their love of skiing, hiking and biking led them to choose Park City over a multitude of wonderful alternatives.      


Irene’s desire to learn to play bridge caused Gerry to put his teaching and mentoring skills to use.  Gerry and Irene combined teaching materials used by the ACBL and many bridge scholars to develop a fun easy learning approach to the game of bridge.  Their introductory level curriculum mixes lecture, hands on, interactive and computer presentation.   Gerry’s talent of cutting through the details and getting to the key elements required to understand this exciting game proved a winning formula.   Beginners and experienced bridge partners who have taken these classes appreciate new clearer understanding of the fundamentals of the game.  Irene oversees how well the class absorbes and retains the materials.

In Park City, Irene & Gerry are credited with having the most popular classes run by Adult Continuing Education.  Presently, they teach beginning and intermediate basic bridge classes.  These classes have proven successful as they introduce new players to the game and review the fundamentals of the game for existing players.  Gerry & Irene’s bridge teaching focuses on the logic behind bidding and play that supports the new player learning the basic game strategy.  Even experienced players who want to modernize their bidding and reinforce their comfort level with the nuances of the game have noted the value of attending these classes. 

Their most recent Bridge accomplishment has been publishing their book, "The Game of Bridge".   In this large print workbook style guide they follow the 80-20 Rule:  They teach the key 20% of the basics that give players the ability to play 80% or more of the hands.  It covers fundamentals of the Game and gives new and existing players a good balance of the depth and breadth of bridge knowledge.   They take pride in teaching players the "logic" that allows them to make important evaluations of the various hands that are encountered during bidding and playing.

Irene & Gerry established to bring together bridge players living in or visiting Park City.  


Park City Bridge Club

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Organizational Committee:
Committee Chairs

·      Chairman and Policy
Coordinator: Shirley Wright

·      Treasurer & Finances:
Judy Hanley

·      Social Play Coordinator:
Jane Peterson

In June 2011 an option was granted to Park City Bridge players to hold Bridge Games one night per week at the Park City Seniors Center.  An Organizational Committee of volunteers stepped forward to help establish a nonprofit bridge club for the residents of Park City and surrounding areas. 

People were invited to become founding members of a nonprofit Bridge Club for a $10.00 contribution.  This would allow them access to the play evening for the first year as policies and guidelines were put in place for the operation of this longer term nonprofit organization.   The funds would cover the purchase of cards, bidding boxes and duplicate boards to allow the club to function.  In addition these funds would be used to cover miscellaneous startup costs for other supplies for the club. 

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